Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#535 Talk To Her

Pedro Almodovar seems to have a way with taking a subject matter that would normally be creepy and unsettling and turning it into something interesting and rather beautiful. With the character of Benigno, instead of being creeped out by him, I ended up just feeling really sorry for him. This movie is about two men, Benigno and Marco who become friends after Marco's bullfighter girlfriend goes into a coma after being gored. At the start of the movie, Benigno has been taking care of another coma patient, Alicia, for four years. You see from the start how attached he is to her, but as you watch the movie you find out that he is actually in love with her, and has been since before she was in a coma. He takes care of her night and day, and during his time off he does the activities that she used to like, so that he can talk to her about them. At first it seems sort of sweet, but then you realize that he is delusional about their relationship, and that he doesn't think there is anything wrong with wanting to marry a woman in a coma. When the doctors find out that Alicia is pregnant, I really didn't want it to be Benigno who raped her, but who else could it have been? I do believe that he genuinely loves her, but he is also mentally unstable. His behavior and actions were definitely not okay, and he deserved to go to jail, but you can't help but sympathize with him a little bit. The friendship between Marco and Benigno is also really interesting. You would think that Marco would be disgusted with Benigno, but he sticks by him through everything.

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