Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#536 Cria Cuervos

Cria Cuervos is about a little girl named Ana who seems to be completely desensitized to death. After she watches her mother suffer with cancer and die, she blames her father and decides to poison him. The "poison" that she uses is actually baking soda, but when her father actually dies of a heart attack, she thinks that she was the cause. Throughout the movie this little girl has to deal with so much stuff that little kids shouldn't have to deal with, including death and her father's adultery. Even when she is playing, she is pretending that she is an adult. There is a scene where her and her sister dress up and pretend to be a married couple, and what they do is fight about the husband coming home late. Later on in the movie you see a flashback to when Ana witnessed her parent's having a similar fight. In another scene, Ana is playing with a doll and is annoyed about changing it's diaper and breastfeeding it.
After "killing" her father, she seems to have no problem with killing other people. She offers to kill her grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer's, and she puts "poison" in her aunt's milk. I thought that she was going to change her mind and knock the cup out of her aunt's hand or something, but for some reason she wanted her aunt dead. Later, she goes to her aunt's room and pets her head and says "poor thing..." which is exactly what she did to her pet hamster when it died. She then goes down to the kitchen and washes her Aunt's cup, which mirrors the earlier scene when she finds her father dead. She was very surprised when she woke up the next morning to find her aunt was still alive.
The only time that Ana seems to be happy is when she is imagining that her mother is with her. I didn't even realize until after the second time that Ana saw her mom that she was dead. Ana Torrent is really great as Ana. She just has this great face and those big expressive brown eyes. She is an innocent little girl who is dealing with all of these dark things, and her character is somewhat similar to her character is The Spirit of the Beehive, which she is also great in.

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