Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#539 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

What an odd movie. I would expect nothing less from Luis Bunuel. This movie is about a group of upper class people who keep trying to eat together, but keep getting interrupted by more and more bizarre situations. It starts off small, with them getting the date mixed up on when they were having dinner together, and then the situations get more and more peculiar. As the movie goes on you find out that the odd situations are actually people's dreams, or their dreams within dreams. For example, they all get invited to eat with a colonel. As they sit down to eat, curtains open up and they are revealed to be on a stage. Suddenly, we see one of the character's wake up, talk about his weird dream, and then he and his wife go to dinner with the colonel. While at dinner, two men get in a fight and one shoots the other. Then, a different man wakes up and says that he dreamed about the first man having a dream and then going to eat dinner with the colonel, where a man was shot. The most bizarre dream was when they all were arrested (which itself may or may not have been a dream) and one of the policemen dreams that they are torturing a man with a piano and that a ghost of a sergeant is roaming the halls and setting prisoners free. What is great about this movie is that even though all of these weird things are happening, the characters all act like everything is normal. Like when there was apparently a war going on outside of the house, they all just sat there talking to each other like nothing was going on.

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