Friday, August 29, 2014

#540 The Blue Angel

This movie was actually a lot darker than I thought it would be. It is about a strict professor who finds out that his students are going to this club called The Blue Angel. So, he decides to go there and stop them, but ends up falling in love with a nightclub singer called Lola Lola. When he proposes to Lola, and she starts laughing, I thought for sure that she was going to reject him, but oddly enough the two of them end up getting married. So, he quits his job and ends up traveling around with her and her act. After four years, he ends up working as a clown. At the end of the movie it is really depressing to see him humiliate himself onstage. Half of the audience loves it, but the other half of the audience gets angry. While he is onstage getting eggs smashed on his head and being forced to act like a chicken, his wife is downstairs making out with the strong man. He then loses it, and tries to kill her, all the while still acting like a chicken. He loses all of his self respect as well as his mind, all for a woman who never really loves him.

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