Monday, September 1, 2014

#541 Blackmail

After this, I only have two more Hitchcock films to go. After I watch Shadow of a Doubt and Frenzy, I will have watched all of the Hitchcock films in the book. This is the earliest of his films that I have seen. I have never seen any of his silent films, and this is his first talkie. Apparently this was the first sound picture for England, and they decided to make it a talkie after they had already started production. You can tell because the first 10 minutes are silent. I don't know why they didn't just go back and dub the scenes. They end up feeling out of place. Blackmail is about a woman who stabs to death a man who tries to rape her. Her boyfriend is a detective, and he recognizes her glove at the man's apartment, so he knows that it was her and after he confronts her about it, this other man comes up to them with her other glove and decides to blackmail them. There are some interesting scenes like when she is sitting at the table listening to someone talking and the only word she hears is "knife," which is getting louder and louder the longer the woman talks, but I started losing interest in this movie about half way through. I love Alfred Hitchcock, and I've never seen a movie of his that I have not liked, but I think that this was my least favorite one so far. I wasn't interested in the characters at all, and I didn't think that the plot was that interesting.

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