Friday, September 5, 2014

#543 The Big Heat

Film noir is usually pretty dark, but this is one of the darkest I've seen from the genre. After his wife is murdered by a car bomb, a cop decides to take down the crime syndicate who killed her. He becomes obsessive about it and even ends up losing his job. Gloria Grahame plays one of the criminals' girlfriends who gets her face disfigured after one of her boyfriends thugs sees her drive off with the cop. I didn't like her character at first and thought she was kind of annoying. Apparently the part was written for Marilyn Monroe, which would explain why she is such a ditz. I thought she was just going to become a damsel in distress, but instead she decides to get even. She does what the cop couldn't and kills the woman who holds the  evidence against the bad guys (which was set to be released if anything happens to her) then goes to her ex's house and messes up his face the wayhe  messed up hers. Unfortunately she dies, but not before she tells him that she is the reason for his future downfall. I love that they didn't just let her character become a victim.

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