Saturday, September 6, 2014

#544 The Fourth Man

When I saw this was one of Verhoeven's Dutch films, I was a little bummed that Rutger Hauer wasn't in it. I ended up liking this one a bit more than Turkish Delight, however, even though that is supposedly the greatest Dutch film of all time. The Fourth Man is about this writer named Gerard who has all of these dark visions of the future and starts sleeping with this woman named Christine even though he is gay. He finds a photo of another one of her lovers (Herman) and recognizes him from the train station. He really wants this guy, so he convinces her to bring him to her house. While she goes to get him, he finds out that she had been married three times before, and when he gets Herman to himself, they end up in a tomb that holds the ashes of her three husbands. He is convinced that she is a black widow, and that either he or Herman will be "the fourth man." I love how you never really find out if she is actually a murderess, so you don't know if Gerard is crazy or not. Throughout the movie he is having dreams about a woman in blue, who he sees everywhere and ends up leading him to the tomb. He also has visions of an eyeball being gouged out and Herman covered in blood, which also ends up happening. If he is having psychic visions, then perhaps it is possible that Christine is a witch. Or perhaps Gerard is insane and there was no woman in blue.

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