Saturday, September 6, 2014

#545 The Reckless Moment

Instead of the good guy getting seduced by the bad girl like in most film noir, this film has the bad guy falling for the good girl. At the start of the movie, Joan Bennett is telling her daughter's boyfriend that she doesn't want him to see her anymore. He says that he'll stop seeing her for money, but instead of indulging him, she just leaves and tells her daughter about it. Of course her daughter doesn't believe it, but then her boyfriend tells her himself that he does in fact need money. The next morning, Bennett finds him dead, and gets rid of the body in the swamp. After his body is found, James Mason shows up with letters that her daughter wrote to her boyfriend, and tries to blackmail her. The blackmail storyline has been done so many times that I thought this movie would be predictable, but unlike in other blackmail stories, the one doing the blackmailing ends up falling for the person he's blackmailing. I thought it was odd how he was so nice about everything, but then it becomes apparent that he cares about her when he says that he'll give up his share of the money and that she would only have to pay his boss. Mason's character is interesting because he is someone who has always been a bad guy, but decides to be good when he falls in love. Unfortunately, trying to be good leads him to do something worse than anything he had ever done before.

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