Sunday, September 7, 2014

#547 12 Angry Men

This movie never lost my attention for a moment. Pretty much the entire movie takes place in a single room, and yet this is one of the most tense movies I have ever seen. It is about these 12 jurors who have to make the decision about whether or not to send this 18 year old kid to the electric chair. He has all of this evidence against him, including eyewitness testimony, so it seems like an open and shut case, but Juror #8 is not convinced. He never claims that the boy is innocent, he just says that there is reasonable doubt to whether is guilty. Throughout the movie he convinces more and more of the jurors, and they all slowly start to realize that the evidence wasn't as strong as they all believed. Henry Fonda is great in this movie, like he was in everything else I've seen him in. He is always great at playing the noble soft-spoken hero. I remember when I saw him in "The Wrong Man" where he played a man wrongfully accused of robbery, and that was one of the most stressful film watching experiences of my life. Henry Fonda would never do something like that! He is the ultimate good guy.

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