Saturday, September 13, 2014

#548 David Holzman's Diary

This movie is about David Holzman, a guy who gets fired from his job and then decides to start filming his life in order to find "the truth." Unfortunately, as soon as he starts his video diary, his life starts to get even worse. His girlfriend is totally unhappy with being filmed and ends up dumping him. Throughout the movie we also see what a creep this guy is. He not only films his nude girlfriend while she sleeps, but he also films his female neighbor through her window. One time he even calls her so that he can get another glimpse of her. Slowly he starts to realize that he is not getting what he wants from filming himself. There is even a scene where he is yelling at his camera and sound recorder saying "Why aren't you working!?" His documentary eventually ends when someone breaks into his apartment and steals his camera equipment, which we find out by listening to an audio recording he made that is accompanied by photos.
Interesting fact: watching this movie unintentionally continued my little Vincent Price marathon (yesterday I watched The House of Seven Gables and Masque of the Red Death and today I watched Witchfinder General) because there is a montage of all the shows he watched one day, and you see glimpses of Price as Egghead on Batman.

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