Saturday, September 13, 2014

#549 Cinema Paradiso

I loved loved loved this movie! I've always been a big fan of movies about movies, including Singin' in the Rain and Hugo, and this is another great movie that I can add to that list. Cinema Paradiso is about a film director named Salvatore (nickname Toto) who looks back on his life after he finds out that his friend Alfredo died. Alfredo was the projectionist at the Cinema Paradiso, the local movie theater. Toto went to the theater all the time and learned how to work the projector as well as started a collection of film strips (mostly kissing scenes) that Alfredo was ordered to cut out of films by the town's priest. After a freak accident leaves Alfredo blind, Toto becomes the new projectionist, and works there until Alfredo convinces him to leave and do something with his life. There is also a pretty cute love story when Toto is older with him and this pretty girl he sees at the station. As a massive film lover, I really appreciated this film and how it showed how excited people used to be about going to the movies. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, which this movie also shows when the Cinema Paradiso gets demolished at the end. It was so sad!!! I also really loved the ending of the movie, when Toto splices together his collection of kissing scenes and watches them on the big screen.

One of the kisses, which appears at about :22 looks like it's from "His Girl Friday," but I have never seen that before! Did the priest cut out parts from my DVD as well? 

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