Saturday, September 13, 2014

#550 L'Age d'Or

This is one of Bunuel's surrealistic films, so there is a lot of really bizarre stuff happening. The beginning and ending scenes in the movie have nothing at all to do with the rest of it, except that they apparently happened a few hours before the start of the main story and at the same time as the ending of the main story. Well, since this film is surrealism, there isn't really a story, but L'Age d'Or is essentially about a man and a woman who are super horny. It seems like everything that they see reminds them of sex, and when they try to have sex with each other, they keep getting interrupted. This movie has a lot of pretty odd scenes, like when the man looks at an advertisement and it makes him think of the woman masturbating,  and the scene after they get interrupted for the second time, the woman decides to perform fellatio on a statue's toe. I guess she gets tired of waiting for the man because she ends up dumping him for the orchestra conductor, which makes him angry, so he takes all of the feathers out of his pillow and starts throwing stuff out of the window, including a guy dressed like the pope and a giant giraffe statue. The people in this film are also really short tempered. In one scene, the man slaps this old woman in the face because she spills a little wine on his suit. In another scene, a man shoots a little boy (twice!) because the boy knocked something out of his hand. While this movie has a little more of a plot than Un Chien Andalou, it is just as bizarre.

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