Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#553 The Player

The Player stars Tim Robbins as a Hollywood executive who starts getting threatening postcards. He spends his days listening to writers give terrible movie pitches, so he is convinced that he is being threatened by one of these writers. After following one of them to the movies, he ends up killing him, but it turns out that this writer is not the one who was writing to him. So, not only does he have to worry about a murder investigation, but he is also continuing to get these postcards. He also starts seeing the girlfriend of the writer he killed. We never do find out who was sending him the postcards, but he ends up blackmailing Robbins into making a movie about the events in exchange for a happy ending.
This movie is filled with cameos from actual movie stars like Anjelica Huston, John Cusack, Andie McDowell, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, and Cher. There are so many cameos, I kept getting confused about who was playing themselves and who was playing a character. Like when I first saw Whoopi Goldberg, I assumed she was playing herself, but she's actually playing a police officer. Also, I love that for one of the movies that was pitched, the writer kept insisting that the movie not have stars and that he wanted the woman character to die, and at the end when they show a screening of the movie it stars Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis, and he comes in and saves her at the last minute.

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