Saturday, September 27, 2014

#555 Shock Corridor

This fellows ambition was a bit too much for him. Shock Corridor is about a man who wants to win the Pulitzer Prize, so he has his girlfriend pretend to be his sister and say that he keeps trying to have sex with her, so that he can be put in a mental institution in order to solve a murder. So of course, the crazy environment and the shock treatments make him actually go crazy, and he ends the movie as a catatonic schizophrenic. The most interesting character in the movie was the black KKK guy. He was the only black guy in an all white university, and was clearly driven insane by all of the racist people who didn't want him going to that school. The way he was introduced was great.

At first you just see this sign with all of this incredibly racist stuff on it, and you just think, "Ugh, I hate this character already," and then it lowers and reveals that its being carried by black man. He talks about the KKK and has his little white mask thingy, and even starts a little race riot and chases a black orderly. Later in the movie we find out that he was made that way from all of the harassment he faced for attending a college with white students. It's actually really sad.

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