Thursday, October 2, 2014

#556 Pink Flamingos

This movie made my list of movies to never watch with other people. It's also on my list of movies that I will never watch again. I also don't have a picture for this post because I didn't want to do a Google search for fear that I would see that big gaping asshole again. This movie was basically John Waters thinking of every way that he could shock people, and he succeeded! This movie is just filthy and gross, and seems even more filthy and gross because it is so low budget and looks like a home movie. The only other John Waters movies I've seen are Cry-Baby and Hairspray, and those movies are also really campy, but they are definitely a lot tamer than Pink Flamingos. I knew that this movie would have some shocking moments, like the famous dog shit scene, but I really underestimated it. Normally the volume on my TV is at 24, but I turned it down to 10 because I didn't want any people walking by my door to hear what I was watching.

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