Thursday, October 2, 2014

#557 Tristana

This movie reminded me a lot of Luis Bunuel's other film "Viridiana." An old man falls in love with a beautiful young woman who comes to stay with him, and this ultimately leads to his demise. Except in this film, he succeeds in seducing the young girl. They live together for a while, and the old man sees himself as both her husband and father, and basically keeps her prisoner. She eventually moves out when she falls in love with an artist, but movies back in when she thinks she is going to die. She ends up living, however, and hates the old man more and more each day, especially after a priest convinces her that she should marry him. She hates him so much that when he asks her to call for a doctor one night, she only pretends to and then lets the cold air in his room and waits for him to die. It seems that she subconsciously wants him dead right from the beginning because towards the beginning of the film and right before she lets him die, she has the same dream where his severed head is ringing a bell.

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