Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#560 The Dead

I have never read the short story that this is based on (or anything by James Joyce for that matter), but apparently this movie is a very faithful adaptation. I believe it because the structure of this movie does seem more like a short story than a typical film. The first part of this film takes place at a party, where this married couple Gabriel and Gretta are there with a bunch of friends. They dance, have dinner, and spend a lot of time talking about music. Then, Gretta hears this song which seems to have a huge effect on her, putting her in a bit of a daze while she listens on the staircase, as well as in the carriage on the way home. When they get home, he asks her what is wrong, and she tells him about this boy who used to sing the song, and who ended up dying after standing outside of her window one night in the rain. It shows how the dead, no matter how long they are gone, can still have a big effect on those they leave behind.

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