Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#561 The Seventh Victim

I'm surprised that this movie could get made in the 1940s, considering that it's about Satanism and suicide. What's interesting about the Satanists in this movie is that they seem like a group of totally normal people. They actually reminded me of the Satanists from Rosemary's Baby.  Anyways, this movie is about a girl who, after trying to find her missing sister Jacqueline, finds out that she is part of a Satanic cult. Jacqueline is accused of betraying the cult by seeing a psychiatrist, so they want her to kill herself. What is great about horror movies as well as film noir from the 30s-50s is that they have great use of lighting and shadows. There is a great scene in this movie where Jacqueline is running from someone in the dark, and she hides in the shadows and completely disappears while the man walks by.

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