Sunday, November 9, 2014

#563 The Snake Pit

It's sort of strange seeing sweet-faced Olivia de Havilland play a character who is mentally ill, especially after seeing her as Melanie Wilkes and Maid Marian. Here she plays a woman who stays at a mental hospital, but can't remember how she got there, or much else. She is constantly losing time, and has trouble remembering where she is and who people are. She not only has to deal with not understanding her own mind, but also with being switched from ward to ward and a super strict nurse, who constantly gives her a hard time. Eventually, she starts to understand the roots of her issues, and this movie has a nice happy ending where she goes home with her husband.

#562 Klute

Klute is about a private detective who gains the help of a call girl while trying to solve a mans disappearance. To be honest, the movies plot didn't interest me all that much, but the performances of Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda make this movie worth watching. Individually they are great, but the best scenes of the movie are of the two of them together.