Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#565 The Young Girls of Rochefort

This movie is very cute and colorful. It is worth seeing just for the candy colored costumes alone. It stars real life sisters Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac as twins who plan to leave Rochefort for Paris so they can become a famous dancer and musician. They each have at least two men in love with them. Deneuve's characters has a gallery owner in love with her as well as an artist whose painting is in his gallery. The artist paints a picture of his feminine ideal, and coincidentally it looks just like Deneuve. The two men in love with Dorleac's character are a music shop owner (who as it turns out is her mothers' ex-lover) and his American friend, who is a famous composer. Its kind of a bummer that you never see Deneuve's characters and the artist actually meet. There are bunch of frustrating moments where they just miss eachother, and at the end you see him get into one of the trucks headed for Paris, so it is implied that they will eventually meet, but you never see it. :( This movie doesn't really have a plot, but there are some catchy songs. The first song that the girls sing is stuck in my head even though I don't speak a word of French.