Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#569 A Matter of Life and Death

I thought that this was a really sweet film. An English pilot who is about to die, falls in love with an American air traffic controller while they talk to each other over the radio. Instead of dying however, he cheats death and then has to appeal to keep his life in heaven's court, sighting his new love as his reason for living. While appealing for his life, Peter and June have to prove their love, which is shown by their willingness to die for each other. You know that he is going to win his appeal, especially since the only argument the prosecutor has is his hatred for the British (he died in the Revolutionary War), but that doesn't make the ending any less sweet.

Friday, March 20, 2015

#568 Odd Man Out

They say that the style of film noir is heavily influenced by German Expressionism, and that is something that is very clear with this film, with its heavy contrast between black and white and parts that were rather surrealistic. It was the style of the film that made this film really interesting to watch because this movie is basically about a dying man who is hiding from the police. He was shot in the arm and is losing blood this whole movie, so we see scenes where we see his state of mind, like when he imagines he is back in jail, or when he hallucinates while at the painters house. I felt really bad for Kathleen, this woman who loved him who would rather die than see him go back to jail. In the end, she gets herself and Johnny both killed.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

#567 Last Year at Marienbad

It probably didn't help that I started to watch this as soon as I woke up, but this movie as putting me to sleep. I'm not a big fan of movies that use a ton of voice over, and this movie is filled with it. Voice over used over tracking shots of people standing/ sitting completely still. They could have probably saved a lot of money on this film if they just used mannequins, and it wouldn't have made a huge difference. The overall plot of this movie is that a man sees a woman at this really fancy hotel, and he spends the movie trying to convince her that they met each other the year before. At first she seems to have no memory of him, but eventually she seems to start to believe him. This movie was very pretty to look at at times, but I lost interest right away.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

#566 Down By Law

Down By Law is about three men; a DJ, a pimp, and an Italian tourist who escape from prison after being locked up together. The DJ was set up by a man who paid him to drive a car across town, the pimp was told he was meeting a 19 year old who turned out to be a child, and the Italian man says that he killed someone after he was caught cheating. This movie doesn't have a whole lot of dialogue and moves rather slowly, but it still managed to keep my interest. You don't get to know these three characters all that well, but you do see a friendship form between them as they go on this journey together. You would think that the loud and animated Roberto Benigni would be out of place in a Jim Jarmusch film, but I think that he makes a good contrast to John Lurie and Tom Wait's characters who are more cool and reserved.