Saturday, March 7, 2015

#566 Down By Law

Down By Law is about three men; a DJ, a pimp, and an Italian tourist who escape from prison after being locked up together. The DJ was set up by a man who paid him to drive a car across town, the pimp was told he was meeting a 19 year old who turned out to be a child, and the Italian man says that he killed someone after he was caught cheating. This movie doesn't have a whole lot of dialogue and moves rather slowly, but it still managed to keep my interest. You don't get to know these three characters all that well, but you do see a friendship form between them as they go on this journey together. You would think that the loud and animated Roberto Benigni would be out of place in a Jim Jarmusch film, but I think that he makes a good contrast to John Lurie and Tom Wait's characters who are more cool and reserved.

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