Friday, July 31, 2015

#570 L'Avventura

L'Avventura is about a woman (Anna) who goes missing while on a boat trip with her best friend (Claudia) and boyfriend (Sandro). While searching for Anna, Claudia and Sandro end up falling in love. Claudia starts out the movie being terrified that her best friend is dead, and ends up becoming terrified that her best friend is alive. I'm not really sure how I feel about this movie. I was disappointed that we never found out what happened to Anna. I thought for sure that Sandro killed Anna. Even though they had just met, he seemed to have fallen for Claudia super fast. I thought maybe they already knew each other and Sandro killed Anna to get her out of the picture. I guess I was wrong though. Overall though, the film was much more about Claudia and Sandro than it was about Anna's disappearance, so I guess it makes sense that they didn't explain what happened to her. The main characters stopped caring, so I guess the audience is supposed to as well.