Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#571 The Tin Drum

What a bizzaro movie! I'm currently reading this book about controversial/ banned films, and this was the first one that was mentioned, which of course made me want to watch it. Apparently police even came to the houses of people who rented the film and confiscated it. The Tin Drum is about a boy (Oskar) who decides that he is going to stop growing at the age of three. He even throws himself down the stairs so that his parents have something to blame for it. He is also overly attached to his tin drum and screams whenever anyone tries to take it away from him. (His screams can break glass!) This film has the same actor playing Oskar from the time he is born to when he is in his early twenties. Apparently the actor was 12/13 years old, so he isn't really believable as a three year old, and this also makes his scenes when he's supposed to be older somewhat disturbing. When he is supposed to be around 16, he falls in love with this girl named Maria, and eventually has sex with her. This is what the majority of the controversy of this film was about. You don't see the actor during the actual sex scene, just a figure moving under a blanket, but there are scenes where it is clearly him, including a scene where he licks powder from Maria's belly button. There's also a scene where he see's her naked and runs up to put his face against her privates. I wouldn't call it child pornography, but it is a bit creepy.

There were some great scenes, like when Oskar hides under the bleachers during a Nazi rally and bangs on his drum so that the Nazi drummers get off beat and messes up all of the musicians. There was also really disturbing scenes, like when a fisherman reels in a horse's head and we see a bunch of eels slither out of it. GROSS! Then Oskar's father (?) takes some home and cooks them for dinner. One thing I couldn't really figure out was whether or not Oskar's mother's husband knew about her and her cousin's (who was mostly like Oskar's real father) affair. At the beginning I was sure that he knew about them, but by the end I couldn't tell.

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