Saturday, May 14, 2016

#574 Zero For Conduct

Naughty kids! This movie is about a group of kids at an all-boys school who make a plan to rebel against their strict teachers, who are always giving them "zero for conduct" and Sunday detentions. One of their teachers is also a total creep who seems like a pedophile. It was very controversial when it was originally released, and was apparently banned for over ten years, but I thought that this film was a little anti-climactic. There's all of this build-up, where the boys are talking about their plans, and the night before, one of the boys makes this big speech, and all they really do is go on the roof and throw a bunch of stuff at their teachers. Then, the boys run to the edge of the roof and....jump? Fly away? I'm not really sure. There's definitely some surrealist influence in this movie, like in a scene when one of the teachers (the one the boys actually like) finishes a drawing and it suddenly becomes animated.

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