Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#576 All That Heaven Allows

I loved both "Written on the Wind" and "Imitation of Life," which were also directed by Douglas Sirk, so that is the main reason for wanting to see this film. While I like the other two better, I did like this film as well. It is about a widow with two grown kids who falls in love with the much younger man who trims her trees. She comes from a very gossipy, snobbish world, and while she pretends that she doesn't care what people think, she lets the people around her convince her to break off her engagement with the man she loves. I found myself getting very angry at her children, especially her son. He makes a big deal about how she must only like him for his muscles and how dare she want to give up their home that's been in their family for years. Then, after she breaks up with Rock Hudson, he tells her that the house is too big for one person and that she should sell it. Eventually, she realizes that her kids are a bunch of selfish jerks, and gets back together with him, but since this is a Douglas Sirk melodrama, he, of course, has to get in an accident first.

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