Sunday, August 7, 2016

#578 The Killer

The Killer is about an assassin with a soft spot for women and children, and a cop who has a soft spot for the assassin. The assassin accidentally blinds a singer during a shoot out and then accepts another job so that he can pay for an eye operation for her. Meanwhile he is being hunted down by men hired by his boss as well as a police officer who starts to respect him after he goes out of his way to save a little girl. The assassin and the cop spend the movie pointing guns at each other until they team up for a final shootout at a church with a bunch of doves flying around.
I'm not a big fan of shoot-em-up action movies, but I actually liked this movie. I liked all of the scenes of the assassin, cop, and singer together. Like the scene where they spend the whole time pointing guns and each other and subtly threatening each other while talking about soccer so that the singer didn't know what was going on.

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