Sunday, August 7, 2016

#579 The Heiress

The Heiress is about a young woman who falls in love with a man who only wants her for her money. It's very clear from the beginning that this is the case, considering how persistent he is about pursuing her. It is understandable how she falls in love with him so easily. He is very handsome and sweet, and she is not used to being an object of affection, especially considering that her father sees her as nothing but a disappointment. Even though I should have been agreeing with her father and wanting her to stay away from Morris, I ended up agreeing with her aunt and wanting everything to work out even though I knew he didn't love her. After she tells him that her father will disinherit her, it is really no surprise that he doesn't show up that night to elope with her, but it is still heartbreaking. I really wanted to believe that he did care for her even though he so obviously did not.
At the end of the movie, however, Catherine gets her revenge. Morris comes back a few years after her father dies and asks her to marry him. Catherine is no longer meek and shy, but has hardened after the harsh realities she has faced from realizing that neither her father nor the man she loved cared for her at all. She agrees to marry him, but when he shows up with the carriage like she thought he would years before, she bolts the door and goes upstairs while he is pounding on the door. Haha! Fuck you Morris!

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